How COVID-19 has affected us.

Today one of our customer inquired about our Milan Turquoise Navarro Bucket Bag. “Why isn’t it on your website anymore”.

We had beautiful leathers! Soft, supple; dear, elk, bison, cow; an abundance of colors. So much beauty to work with.

Unfortunately the coronavirus came and affected every industry in the world and continues to shake our leather market. First tannery were forced to close for a period of time, then reopened at a fraction of their efficiency. Next, cattle auction and slaughter houses slowed down. Farmers had to reduce cattle feeding regiment so the cows would not reach ideal weigh. Lock down lead to less customers so big corporations stopped ordering. Somehow everything went to a freeze. 

To make a long story short, we are last in line! When the industry reopened at a much slower pace, the big clients are served first. We just have to wait patiently for our beautiful turquoise buffalo leather to become available again in small quantity to us.

Harley Fehlman